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Pittie Posse Secret Santa!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since I wrote one of my very first blog posts about Zoe’s Christmas adventures gone awry (or a-right, if you ask her).

Zoe’s honing her secret agent spy skills borrowed from Miss Polly Pocket

As you may recall, the holidays are most definitely Zoe’s favorite time of year. Her people are home all the time, and she gets to play in the snow (assuming that actually happens in Chicago this year). And of course, there are all the presents from her generous grandparents and great-grandparents!

Thanks, Grandma!

As if the holidays weren’t exciting enough, we were thrilled to be asked to be part of the annual “Pittie Posse Secret Santa” event with some of our very favorite bloggers:

After hearing the good news, Zoe anxiously awaited the arrival of her gift…

Zoe: “I’m bored. Should I play with Stella?” Stella: “I will cut you.”

And waited…

Zoe: “Hmm… how about Freddie?” Freddie (borrowing a line from Stella): “I will cut you.”

until it finally arrived!

Z. inspecting the gift. Note the vigorous tail wagging that made the whole picture blurry.

“Open it already!!!” 

We were elated to discover our secret santa(s) were our friends at Two Grad Students and a Pittie! They got us the most fantastic gifts!!!

First, there was the card:

With a super sweet message inside…

And then, Zoe found her gifts! Hanukkah Cookies! (They know too well that Zoe celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas).

Zoe working on her “sit-stay-watch me” pose to get her treat.

Let’s just say she was very excited about them.

Zoe channeling a certain friend of hers here.

That’s not even all of it! We also received a really cute mug, which is perfect because I’m a HUGE coffee drinker! (As most grad students are…). 🙂

Side 1! 

Side 2!

And then, they also gave us the cutest frame for a photo of “the zoo.” K. and I were just talking about how we needed more frames, so this was perfect. We put the classic photo of all the animals together inside:

What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much, Two Grad Students and a Pittie for your thoughtful and generous gifts! And thanks to my pittie blog friends for inviting us to participate. It was so much fun!