Zoe Update, Day 2: Home and Resting Up

Zoe is home!!!!!!!!!!

K. and I are so happy to have her back. It was too quiet here without her! (Though the cats loved it!).

Today is definitely a better day than yesterday. I was at the vet’s office yesterday for over an hour going over very specific instructions for Zoe’s recovery. First, there were all the medications to go over, though that that was the easy part. Here’s the real challenge: for the next eight weeks, she must remain in a “controlled confinement.” Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? Well, it isn’t. But it’s also crucial for Zoe’s recovery. A controlled confinement means that Zoe either has to be crated or supervised VERY closely in a small room without furniture she can jump on. We have to carry her up and down the stairs of our three story walk up, and absolutely cannot let her run or jump on anyone. God help us! The reason this is so important is because the first eight weeks are the critical period where the TTA device fuses. If she doesn’t injure herself during that time, the success rate for this surgery is very high and the chance of re-injury is extremely low. We are going to have to be super vigilant about all of this — especially once she starts feeling better! Right now, it’s not such a problem.

Zoe on the car ride home.
 I angered many a Chicago driver because I refused to drive over 25 miles an hour! 

After the initial excitement wore off yesterday, Zoe started to seem like she was in a lot of pain and grew really groggy. Her legs are very bruised and swollen, and the incisions are gigantic. (K., who had ACL surgery 6 years ago, says that he and Zoe will now be twins). It was awful to see her hurting and not be able to do much beyond give her pain medication and ice her legs. Even though she was super uncomfortable, she was still Zoe. No matter how terrible she felt, she would raise her head a little and wag her tail when we pet her or came in the room.

Sad Zoe face. 
The main issue we encountered yesterday was her refusal to eat. This isn’t unusual because she’s on pain killers, an anti-inflammatory, and antibiotics — all of which could upset her stomach. So when I would try to feed her, she’d dramatically turn her head away in disgust. After a few hours at home, I did manage to get her to eat some dog treats and a few pieces of kibble out of my hands, but that was it. She’s markedly thinner now and needs to start eating again. 
Zoe’s skinny little shaved butt. So pathetic! (That’s a pain killer patch on her hip).

After much prompting, I was able to convince her to drink a tiny bit out of her SociaBulls water bottle. (Whatever works!). I was just relieved she was drinking a little. Before we went to sleep, we were able to take her outside and get her to pee (again, the small victories…). If any of our neighbors saw or heard us, they must’ve thought we were crazy! (Picture us gathered around a scrawny, squatting dog in a giant cone of shame, clapping and exclaiming praise in high-pitched voices). We didn’t care. 

Because Zoe usually sleeps with us at night, I knew she would cry if we left her in her crate in the living room alone. While it’s nice that she has a big crate, it’s so big that we can’t fit it in our bedroom easily. So, I slept on the couch next to her crate — that is until Zoe woke me up at three in the morning. She was whining and I thought perhaps she wanted to go outside, but instead when I took her out of her create, she went to her water bowl and drank a ton. I’ve never been so happy to be woken up in the middle of the night!
By the morning, she seemed better. She’s still quite stiff, but she is a little more alert and has drank water without any prompting. She’s also willing to take treats from me, but is still rejecting her regular kibble. After talking to the vet, we decided that I should go pick up some special canned food for her because it has a higher water content and might be a special treat that’ll entice her to eat. Hopefully that will work! 
My study buddy.
We don’t start physical therapy with her until Saturday, but I’m looking forward to getting her moving again. In the meantime, I’m glad to see her resting. 
That’s the Zoe update for now. Thank you again for all your love! We appreciate it! 


6 thoughts on “Zoe Update, Day 2: Home and Resting Up

  1. K-Koira

    So glad she is home and doing well. And be glad that she is doing both legs at the same time, rather than just doing one at a time- it will all be over with all at once. Canned food should hopefully get her to eat more. I know pouring hot water over kibble can also help, as it makes it smell more appealing. Or maybe make a gravy with the canned food and add it to her kibbles. Hopefully the physical therapy goes well when you get started with that. Maybe you'll get lucky and it will tire her out enough to remain calm.

  2. Vanessa

    Have a sick/injured pup can be so stressful. I'll be thinking of your little family over the next little while. Zoe's a strong lady, so I'm sure she'll make a speedy recovery 🙂

  3. My Two Pitties

    She looks so cute and sad at the same time. At least she is able to drink and rest now. When Shaka got spayed, she had to eat to take her pain meds and the only thing I could get her to eat was canned cat food, but I was happy to give it to her. Hopefully, Zoe will like her canned food!


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