A Wordy Wednesday: Zoe Update

For those of you who follow us on Facebook where we post regular updates, this may not be news to you (in which case, sorry for the repetition!). But in case you haven’t been following the FB page, here’s the current update:

Zoe’s surgery was successful! As the surgeon had suspected, she did have two complete ACL tears in both her hind legs, but her menisci were intact (that is a good thing!). She was already found standing up in her room the night after her surgery, and she is in good spirits. The bandages are off, and she’s able to go on short walks (which amazes me). The vet techs all say they love her, and that she’s still a sweetheart despite her pain. 🙂 It sounds very much like my Zoe is still being Zoe.

The main concern right now is that she’s refusing to eat or drink water. She also hasn’t urinated since they took the catheter out after her surgery. (I never thought I’d be writing about catheters on my animal blog, but here we are). I’m not that surprised that she’s not eating because the medication might be making her nauseous, and she’s a notoriously picky eater (who yes, is still on the kangaroo and oats diet). Last I heard, they were going to give her fluids intravenously in the hopes that it’d prompt her to go.

One of the hardest parts is that we haven’t been able to visit her. While visiting is allowed at the hospital, K. and I decided that despite the fact that *we* want to see her, it wouldn’t be in Zoe’s best interest She is absolutely not supposed to get excited right now, and we have a feeling that our presence would rile her up. Also, we were worried that she’d get anxious if we came and then left, so we’re holding off on seeing her until she can go home.

Anyway, I’m waiting for a morning update from the vet, so fingers crossed she’s doing better and can come home today. Thanks for all of your love and support! It means a lot to us!

We’re looking forward to the days at Prairie Wolf when Zoe can look and feel like this again. 🙂


I just spoke to the vet, and she drank water and peed (finally!). She can come home today!!! 🙂 I’m on my way to go get her now!


7 thoughts on “A Wordy Wednesday: Zoe Update

  1. sweetemaline

    Thinking of you and Zoe today! I am sure it is awful knowing the Zoe is not doing well and you can't see her (even if it IS for her own good)! I hope she is able to come back soon – for both of your sakes!Emily @ Our Waldo Bungiewww.ourwaldobungie.com

  2. Kari in Vegas

    I support your decision not to visit. I know with a couple of my dogs, the excitement of my visit would be detrimentalStop on by for a visitKarihttp://dogisgodinreverse.com


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